Elegant and Timeless Designs

Using the

Finest Natural Materials

the best

Artisan Craftsmanship

to bring you

High Quality, Luxurious Fashion


Looks good, Feels good and Is good for you





THE STORY- Confessions of a troubled wardrobe

Do you find this season´s hottest trends in all stores, but what you really need is just no where to be found?


Do you find yourself settling for the "best thing you can find" instead of that great piece you can´t wait to show off?


Do you buy discount because it will “hurt less” when your purchase turns into yet another "closet decorator”(an item that sits in your closet that you don´t wear) ?


Do your favorite items wear out way too fast?

Do you easily find fashion that really fits YOUR body well, looks nice on YOU, and has a design that matches YOUR style?


In today´s global economy there are more options available than ever to find great fashion and accessories that meet our needs and much, much, more… , so


Why is it so hard to find that great buy?


Over the past few decades, as a society we have experienced a shift in our values and approach to buying fashion.

From high quality to low cost and high volume fast fashion

It doesn´t have to be this way !



We combine a passion for Quality, Design and Sustainability to bring you great products that are:


made well

fit well

styled well...that will last