Fashion is one of the most contaminating industries. Toxic chemicals and derivatives of petroleum are used to make the clothes and accessories you wear and the bags you carry.

Even though factories seem to be located in far away places, today´s world is a global world. The contamination released by factories also has a global reach, contaminating the food you eat and water you drink many thousands of miles away.

In response to our concern for the harmful effects that toxic substances have on the environment, on the health of textile workers and on the health of consumers, we are an eco-friendly fashion company.

What is Eco-Fashion? 

 The main characteristics of Eco-Fashion are:

  •  Use of ecological, organic, natural and recycled materials
  •  The raw materials are free of harmful chemicals or pesticides
  •  The transformation process from raw materials into products is completed WITHOUT harmful chemicals or pesticides
  •  All dyes used for coloring are free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.