The 4 categories of sustainability at Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept

In Wabi Sabi we classify all products into one of our 4 categories of sustainability: Organic, Natural, Recycled, and Hand Made.

Each category is represented by a different color so that it can be easily identified.



These products are created using all natural materials. No synthetic, artificial or plastics are used.


In this category you will find new products created from already existing materials that have been rescued, reused or recycled.


The fabrics we use are organic. The raw materials are cultivated,transformed and treated without pesticides or harmful chemicals.

When possible, we use materials that are certified by independent organizations. Some of the best know certifications are: Oeko-tex, and GOTS, etc.


We work with artisan craftsmen who use traditional techniques to create the finest hand made products.