Michele worked in fast fashion but just could not get past what she saw as too many flaws in the system. She knew that there are women who want to look good, not just trendy, who want to buy clothing and accessories that fit well for their body type, that feel nice on, and that are versatile enough to get good use out of them. In 2010, Michele left her job at a traditional fashion company to start her own adventure.

A Chance Encounter with a Tomato

As an urbanite Michele had little contact with nature. Little did she know that a chance encounter with fresh farm grown organic food would be the key to getting everything on her fashion wish list. This organic food had a great taste, amazing quality, and was also good for her. She decided to investigate eco-friendly materials for fashion. The results were just as AMAZING.

In 2011 Michele launched the fashion company Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept.

Michele, her collaborators and clients now share her passion for superior quality, great design and sustainability.