Buy Made in America and You can help to create jobs.

Made in America is trending…

Is it possible to create one million jobs simply through slight shifts in consumer buying habits?

The Million Jobs Project, introduces a plan to create over 1,000,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S.  With very little effort consumers can actually make a significant difference to help create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The solution is  for everyone to shift their buying habits so that they’re purchasing just 5% more American made goods. The average American already buys approximately 20 American made products out of every 100 products purchased. That way by  purchasing only one additional American made item,  consumers can meet the 5% requirement.


Not that long ago, an important pillar of the US economy was the manufacturing industry. With the rise of production outsourcing to countries where it is “cheaper” to produce,   jobs, knowhow and skilled labor have also drifted away. However, we can reverse this trend.  Some major US companies have already identified the economic and strategic benefits to recuperating local manufacturing, creating jobs and wealth.  Walmart has recently committed to buying an additional $50 billion in U.S.-made goods. GE is shifting manufacturing of light bulbs and water heaters to the U.S. Even  tech giant Google has decided to produce it´s highly awaited technology accessory Glass  in the US.


Why the timing is right

Made in America in the 1980´s was a selling point that failed to resonate with consumers. It came with a heavy dose of patriotism at a time when there was a perception that American made products were of poor quality. The economy was booming and by outsourcing production consumers could buy more for less. Companies were earning more by reducing operational costs. There was no real compelling reason to buy American.

However, today´s poor economy and the rise of conscious consumerism have given consumers many compelling reasons to buy local.

When you buy local you know that there will be a smaller carbon footprint, manufacturers should follow regulations on environmental impact in your area, and you can see firsthand that workers aren’t being exploited in the process of making the products you purchase.


The job to wealth effect

When you buy local you are actually helping to create jobs and wealth in your area. When there is an increase in demand for locally produced products companies need to produce more, creating a need for workers which creates jobs. These jobs help to create wealth in your community. Then your neighbors and coworkers will start spending in your community creating a demand for more products and services, which in turn will create more jobs and more spending…and so on.

Buy local to create jobs!    What do you think?

Can we do the same in Europe?


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