Handprints, a video reflection about the people who make our clothes

What do you know about the people who make the clothes we wear?

When we choose an  outfit, we see clothes and do not look beyond the obvious to really think about the people who make the garments and the amazing stories that come with them.

 If our clothes could talk, image everything they could tell us about  far away places, other cultures, sounds, sights, smells, colors, the air, the sea and the people involved.

You wear part of the life story of the people who make your clothes.

If you choose to you can actually see the Handprints…

Our friends at Oreeko blog shared with us this great video called Handprint. The film is the result of a collaboration between filmaker Mary Nighy and  Eco-Age . The actress and model Elettra Wiedemann, who shows her support for ecological and ethical fashion, stars in the film.


Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept creates fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi, the company makes high-end, stylish, eco-friendly fashion using natural materials and artisan craftsmanship.

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