Rap and Hip Hop star Pharrell Williams is an eco-fashion kind of guy

Bionic Yarn owned by Pharrell Williams colaborated with G-Star brand

Pharrell Williams is known for his music, Hip Hop and Rap. However, he is also creative director of,  Bionic Yarn , a company that recycles  ocean trash into denim and makes fabric from recycled plastic bottles.   His latest project is a partnership with G-Star to create a line of denim they call “RAW for the Oceans,” featuring jeans made from recycled plastic that is reclaimed from the ocean. The collection is set to hit G-Star stores August 2014.


Check out the video presentation of this project:


His commitment to eco fashion goes to back to 2010, when Pharrell teamed up with Franco-Italian activewear label Moncler to launch a special-edition collection of men’s jackets made entirely from Bionic Yarn fabric.

Then he teamed with Timberland to create the company´s  Bionic Canvas collection.

Bionic Yarn, can be woven into a tough, water-repellant material that looks like traditional cotton canvas but dries quicker and is twice as abrasion-resistant. It is a highly durable fiber composed of organic cotton wrapped around a core of recycled PET, a plastic commonly used for the production of soda bottles.


Musician/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, believes that “Fashion Can Be a Player in Protecting the Planet”

He is not just talking about it. He is actually doing something to help make it happen.


Source: Ecouterre

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