How it´s made: 3 Reasons why the World Loves US Cotton

Creating a simple t-shirt is anything but simple.

Following up on our introducory post to this 5 part documentary series, today we will look at the 1st step in the process.  What is that? It´s about the raw material. It´s about cotton. It´s about why US cotton is loved around the world.

There are three main reasons.

1) Technology:  U.S. farmers treat their cotton as a product that gets manufactured, not as a crop. To do this they have gone  high-tech.

Techonolgy behind a cotton farm

Credit:NPR Planet Money


They also use predominately genetically modified crops. GM cotton is quite controversial. As an eco fashion brand we hardly support it. However, Roughly 90 percent of U.S. cotton comes from genetically modified seeds designed in labs to produce more cotton and resist pests.

2) Standardized Testing and Product Certification lets mills know exactly what they are buying

The U.S. Department of Agriculture tests all 17 million bales of cotton harvested in the U.S. The USDA measures how fine, long, strong and bright white every batch of cotton is. Cotton buyers all around the world can then get a report that tells them everything they need to know about each bale of U.S. cotton they buy.


USDA audit of cotton features

Credit: NPR Planet Money



3. Subsidies

Well atleast on this one the U.S. is in line with other countries who also heavily subsidize.



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