Greenpeace´s Detox campaign: Cancer causing chemicals found in the clothes you buy.

Toxic chemicals in our clothes are making you sick

N.1:  Calvin Klein
N.2:  Levi´s
N.3  Zara 

Toxic Threads report

What is this ranking? Company size, number of countries where they operate, business volume?

This is actually a company ranking by the number of clothing items of those tested found to have high levels of toxic phthalatescancer-causing amines, and NPEs. These are harmful chemical that jeopardize our health either by direct use and/or indirectly through environmental contamination.  

Greenpeace Detox Campaign Image | Photo: Lance Lee
The online London Fashion Newspaper, Business of Fashion, published an article written by Tommy Crawford, strategic communications manager at Greenpeace, whose publication coincided with the release by Greenpeace International of the report 
 Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up.                   
 The report shows the contamination that is produced by the textile industry. In their study they selected pieces of clothing from many popular international fashion brands and analyzed the quantity of harmful chemicals found in each garment. The results show the total number of garments that had traces of these chemicals, and also show the number of different harmful chemicals found in each garment.

Detox Campaign how companies rank part 1 Detox Campaign how companies rank part 2

Map of chemical contamination from Greenpeace Detox CampaignMap of chemical contamination from Greenpeace Detox Campaign part 2

 Big Brand- Big Impact

The article also talks about Greenpeace´s Detox campaign. The objective of the campaign is that major fashion brands eliminate the negative environmental impacts of their production. They look for a commitment from the brand to work towards this goal. Why target these large companies?  As global players, these fashion brands have the opportunity to work on global solutions to eliminate the use of hazardous substances throughout their product lines, and to drive a change in practices throughout their supply chains.

The tactics used by Greenpeace

 Greenpeace uses the media and the tries to stir-up a negative public opinion to force companies to negotiate.  As they state in the report “Last year, the campaign mobilized millions of citizens around the world to challenge major clothing brands and demand that they create fashion without toxic pollution. Through hard-fought negotiations and people-powered actions — including the world’s biggest simultaneous striptease in July last year — the campaign has secured commitments from seven international brands to clean up their supply chains and become toxic-free by 2020.”  

Greenpeace detox campaign at zara in Madrid
photos of a protest by Greenpeace, Zara in  Madrid el 21.11.2012

 People like us write about their reports in our blogs. Millions of apathetic people see the media coverage of Greenpeace´s latest actions in the newspaper or on the TV. 

Whether or not we agree with their tactics, it is undeniable that Greenpeace is able to capt our attention.

photos of a protest by Greenpeace, Zara in  Madrid
photos of a protest by Greenpeace, Zara in  Madrid el 21.11.2012


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