Toxic chemicals found in childrens clothes. Are your Kid´s clothes safe ?

Toxic chemicals found in childrens clothes

New Report from Greenpeace shows toxic chemicals found  in childrens clothes.

Popular brands such as Adidas and Primark have been touched by this scandal. Products from both companies were founds to have higher than the permitted level or to contain chemicals that are known to affect growth and development  causing adverse impacts on the immune systems both during development and adulthood.

Disney, American Apparel and Burberry are also on the list as at least one article from each brand was found to contain high levels of  Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) — a group of chemicals which act as hormone disruptors, are persistent (remaining in the environment for a long time) and bioaccumulative (building up in the tissue of humans and animals) .

Read the complete report.

 Is this a cause for alarm? Are you worried for your children´s health?

  Share your thoughts with us!

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